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I switched from Folgers to M/H because on a vacation Folgers wasn't available.I realized that my chronic migraine and the burning feeling under my skin had gone by day 3. Will never buy another Maxwell house coffee! I'm sorry some of you fellow coffee friends are unhappy with MH at this time. I started drinking Maxwell house morning burst so that I could have more energy for work. I am now on the search for a replacement coffee. I switched to a better brand and have had no symptoms. If your coffee is not all arabica, except for espresso, it is crap. march 17,2018.my mouring cup at this present moment.i'm a huge coffee lover still looking for the better beans,good luck. Could tell by the smell it wasn't going to be good. After several tests, docs are still confounded. We have to get the word out. What I call Diner coffees just don.t make it any more. I preferred the percolate maxwell house. Are they treating it with something for a preservative? as the lady below me said. I will not buy the k cups again. The coffee there was delicious. Thank you. I noticed as a kid that folgers was chemical tasting and made me feel confused when i drank it. made me nauseous and headachey.absolutely miserable.changed brands,it went away.used to drink it years ago,never had a problem with it.don't know whats up. we are now reluctant members of the 'what the hell happened to MH coffee' group, ha! I soon as I put the coffee mug to my lips I knew something was not right. I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing our Folgers coffee not tasting near as good as it used to. I had left a can of the instant coffee at my boyfriend's house for when I stay there on the weekend. I looked up coffee reviews and found one by consumer reports that said 8 o'clock columbian coffee beats all the big guys hands down. My entire family has used the Columbian for many years. Excessive caffeine consumption can cause many of the symptoms people are describing. If not you can order from most all & manny offer coffee subscriptions. This coffee taste like they mixed dirt into it to make more profit. She brought one back and it tasted the same. This is not good. It was nothing like the bad MH, Folgers, etc BUT was just too weak/bland, etc BUT it DID NOT have that awful 'chemical wet cardboard' smell/taste. I couldn't find the kind of beans they use on their label, so I didn't buy it. Presumably to test market a coffee where a large italian community existed. Now I wonder what was in those grounds (to keep it fresh) I drank up all those years---always smelled and tasted good. The taste changed when they went from metal to cardboard cans. It does make me wonder what they are putting in their coffee. I have been a customer of Maxwell House coffee for several years. At first I thought I brought the wrong blend, but none of the maxwell house taste the same anymore. No better. I sent Maxwell House an email to report this but did not get an answer. I started googling to see if there was anything out there about Maxwell House causes people to get sick, and I found this site. For those of you having such difficulties finding a coffee that pleases I suggest the following: Thanks so much for this article and your website!!! Nasty. Take it back, write the FDA and call the company. I have always loved Maxwell House, but the last 2 jars have had black things floating in it. I no longer buy MH (or Folgers)---I get my coffee from a local roaster, no turning back. Today I find this comment board. Very quickly my nose became congested, throat a bit tight, palpitations, abdominal pain, and profound nausea and wretching. Vomit. Buy fresh roasted beans & let the roaster grind for you depending on how you brew, unless you want to grind yourself what you'll drink just prior to brewing. $12.00. Nothing. If you have Safeway try the Safeway Columbian coffee(in the can not the bag). We're going to have to switch brands because it's absolutely horrible. We buy all folders coffee. spent the day at home, lightheaded... not sure what it is, but seems like i am not the only one.. so best to just spread the word to stay away from this crappy blend. At home I drink Maxwell house instant original. Something is definitely up and wrong with Maxwell house coffee. Maxwell House Variants. Decided to go cheaper and bought Maxwell House from Sam's Club. Well recently we restocked and the "new" cans are horrible. What has happened to this absolutely delicious coffee? Pesticides, mix ins, ???? I feel better minus headache, stomach cramps. I'm really concerned with reading everyone else's experiences, wonder what the heck in going on. I have bought Folgers for several years, but was not a daily coffee drinker and the episodes were occurring on my days off of work (that's when I was drinking the Folgers). I’ve been drinking Folgers Classic roast medium coffee for awhile, I can’t drink a lot of caffeine or I’m super wired so I only drink it occasionally. we, too, can no longer drink Maxwell House coffee in either the Wake Up, Breakfast Blend, or our ..all-time favorite Original Roast. Peet's coffee is also VERY good! I did not think to connect it to the coffee. The two companies in the Comment Title own MH and Folgers. I can never drink more than two cups of this coffee without almost puking. So I told my husband I suppose have to quit coffee all together because I got sick again. We thought it strange that we both had this foul taste in our mouths after drinking it. I thought I had a stomach flu. I used two teaspoons to make an ice cold Americano with cream. CONSPIRACY THEOROIES? In recent years it's gone downhill, but now, OMG, I just opened a fresh can of the hazelnut coffee that I had bought on sale. I used Maxwell house for years then suddenly I started getting stomach aches and upset stomach when I drink it. I bought a can that said 100% Columbian & really liked it but have never seen this kind again. I have 6 recently purchased 1 kilo tins that will be given to the food bank and we will source out a new brand! I bought some Maxwell coffee, Since I opened it I noticed a strong but unusual aroma, I've read some comments that describe it like "if melted plastic mixed with the coffee", but I would say It's more like a smell of GASOLINE. It was disappointing, as have been the non-organic beans from Fairway. I recently bought two of the large blue plastic containers of ground coffee - one Breakfast Blend and one Gourmet Roast. The flavor is Ok, but we notice that after drinking it, we become unpleasant people. The beans are carefully blended and roasted to bring you a delicious beverage that is good to the last drop. I do not drink as much coffee on current brand, maybe a third as much. Individual tastes differ so it's important to try different single origins to see your likes/dislikes.... Guatemalan, Ethiopian, Costa Rican, Peruvian, Mexican and the list goes on---depending on what's available from your local or online roaster. Buyer/Consumer....beware of what you consume, even if it does have a pretty label. It has opened my eyes and I think I need to switch brands. Day 3 there is a dull pain (no longer sharp, shooting pain), so it definitely feels like it's getting better. Decaffeinated coffee was developed in 1903 by a team of researchers led by Ludwig Roselius in Bremen, Germany. I usually have Nescafe cappuccino but recently tried Maxwell House. The reason I post my comments is that, I too have been feeling nauseous lately and the taste of the MH coffee is acrid and I have now switched to grinding my own beans and now drink tea on occasion instead of MH. If it's best buy date is not more than a year from the current date it's been sitting a long time and will not be worth drinking. I wrote it off as nothing as this was new to me. When brewed, the faintly colored tea-like water should've been a red flag, but I brewed and drank the coffee for a week, until I began experiencing discomfort and malaise. If your coffee is making you sick, report it! I have been forced to change. GetHuman3910849 did not yet indicate what Maxwell House Coffee should do … I am on hold now with Maxwell house...they transferred me to what sounds like someone across the world. On June 17 I had my usual Folgers in the AM - it was a fresh container. These coffees used to taste great, now they taste like poison!! I started to believe that I was allergic to coffee, but have tried other coffees with no episodes, So, I still thought it might be something else wrong. I'll have to find another brand. That was until October 2015. Once coffee is ground it begins to loose its flavor almost immediately even if it's vacuumed packed. The lack of vacuum allows the coffee to spoil , dry out and go stale. I can drink OTHER COFFEES and I HAVE NO REACTION AT ALL! I've been using MAX HOUSE for the last 10 years and had never had a bad taste like it has now and also have been experiencing headaches. I stopped buying Breyer's Ice Cream, when they decided to go with cheaper ingredients to save a buck. The last few cans I have purchased have a very different taste. (best comparison I can think of) Wish they would go back to what they were doing about 3-4 years ago. About 5 years ago I cut down to one cup a day, and just a few days ago I was put on Paxil for anxiety. I also started having intestinal cramps and diarrhea. Here's my 2¢: it tastes just like the $1 a bag Vietnamese coffee I picked up at the dollar store, and that isn't much of a complement. My stomach cannot tolerate Folgers lite so I'm going to recommend Starbucks House Blend. The formulation of MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee has indeed changed and I'm sorry you thought it tasted horrible. I normally drink Taster's Choice instant coffee. And it taste like grain. I drink only one cup of coffee per day. They but MH at work. QUESTION:I have used regular Maxwell House for many years, but lately it just is not any good. Then the taste is now less than desirable. So much has changed in the coffee industry. It escalated within the hour into a full blown fever, with intense sweating, a crushing migraine headache, and massive vomiting. Your competitors have fallen alongside you. Maxwell House Rep The woman that answered wasn’t interested in what was wrong could answer no questions And had to be prompted to answer anything. Been drinking Nabob for about 20 years. So I guess it's time to look for another coffee. It all makes sense now. So now we're not only battling with bitter coffee, but having to get used to a whole new taste, and NOT liking it. i quit buy maxwell coffee years ago because there just wasn't any flavor anymore. Undrinkable. It would cost thousands of dollars and they would still probably win in a taste test. If it sells "hash and rehash" the coffee however it can be sold. Maxwell House has tasted terrible to the last drop for a long time for me. I guess it is time for me to quit drinking coffee. I will be forced to discontinue your product because I care more about my health! I don't OD on coffee, I have the same 2 - 3 cups per day. I'm so glad this thread has been started. So sad if it is because they are using a cheaper bean. I bought a can of Folgers classic roast, I drank it two times and both times it gave me the runs - I googled to see if others had this problem and read about the 'Folgers stop' so i knew it wasn't just me or my coffee maker - why isn't this more widely known and how does Folgers stay in business if it causes people to run to the bathroom after drinking it? Whey hasn't there been an investigation after all of the complaints about Maxwell House? Very strange. The last few cans we purchased have been terrible. Leave our coffee alone!!!! I've been drinking Maxwell Lite for years and the taste was so good no one could tell it was half-caff! Thankfully I didn’t want any more coffee on such a sour stomach and surprise— I’m feeling much better today. I never suffered from migraines but after drink some coffee, I had a 2 day migraine. HOW WILL YOU MAKE $ IF YOU KILL YOUR CONSUMERS? Maxwell House, Yuban, Nabob, Gevalia, Mcdonalds Bagged retail coffee is made in one of two manufacturing facilities (Jacksonville, FL and San Leandro, CA). but I can taste everything else. Coffee tastes weak and old. Been drinking Maxwell coffee for about40 years, all of a sudden it start tasting bad, and the next thing you know they come out with a new line master blend light & medium, and they did a way with the old master blend, far as I'm concerned, the new stuff taste like water down coffee,horrible. I thought maybe it was a bad batch from the store I usually shop at, so I went to a different store. I thought I got a hold of a bad box. with real honey and real cow cream! This past year, the beans from 8 o'clock coffee (A&P) a a slightly similar problem. I will not have any M.H tomorrow and see what the result is. I stopped using it. Well,I've had 2 cans since October....I thought the first can was just bad or something. However, recently I did some research into the coffee industry and due to the extremely high demand for it, many crops are heavily sprayed with pesticides to lessen the loss from insects, etc. The old can said, "Made from 100% Arabica Beans" I emailed MH and complained that the coffee doesn't taste right anymore. Was it discontinued, or just cheaper beans are being used? My research shows Folgers buys coffee from Vietnam and other areas where insecticdes are being used. I have had diarrhea after drinking one glass of the coffee along with headaches and a dizzy feeling. I haven't been feeling well for a while, and I have been experiencing terrible cystic acne!! I am a senior citizen. I have experienced the same thing with instant maxwell house coffee. My workplace just changed to maxwell house and the first coffee I had gave me a headache that lasted all day. maybe I got from the same batch as Don Fitch. No more. How many coffee beans does it take to wake up the world. I am so confused. I am avid coffee drinker. We bought a big container from a big box warehouse to save some money. Last month I bought some Hills coffee on sale, and the diarrhea stopped, but I still didn't realise what was going on until I started a new can of Maxwell House last week, and now feel sick as a dog again. After examining the container could not find 'Arabica' bean. Anyone else notice this? Going back to the cheap stuff which is so much better... Folger's and Maxwell House have given me the runs, headaches, and a nauseated feeling. I have been drinking this coffee for years but plan to stop now. No, you're not on acid. ALSO important is your preferred roast level---some like medium roasts while others like dark to very roasts. I called the company and they sent me a $3.00 off coupon/voucher. I did not make the connection since I drank coffee for 50 years. The reason I was searching was to find out if retailers will put 'bad batches' of coffee on sale in cahoots with Maxwell House (like, a fair warning from maxwell house, "please sell this batch for half price because the quality is low"...). After the new "HalfCaff" was introduced I developed a serious rash. Hi, I bought a 925 G can of Maxwell House Dark Roast on sale for a good price, then after buying it i went on line to find out who makes the best brand of store bought coffee, after going on line i was thinking about returning it, i went to the store to exchange it but they were out of the other brand that was on sale, After returning home i decided to just keep it and see for myself, i made a small pot and made it a little strong and drank it black i didn't really care for it, and a little cream and now we have a rich dark coffee, the bottom line is, i'm glad i kept it, for the cost to taste ratio it was a bargain. I found this webpage after I discovered my coffee smelled like chemicals and was making me sick. I have medicated myself with over the counter products, however the pain would go away for a little while but then suddenly return. I actually thought I was crazy having headache if I missed a cup. I’ve been drinking Folgers for years and this last co gained I bought of it tastes and smells like formaldehyde. I see people in the coffee isles searching/looking at ALL the coffees--Maxwell House & Folgers, then start looking thru the brands in the vented 12oz bags (which are mostly better coffees). I could making several pots over and over again thinking it was the coffee pot.I am going to look for another brand. Guess which one is on the list? I have been drinking Maxwell Medium for years and my Mom too. Stopped drinking the MH and believe it or not, the symptoms stop. I can't finish a cup of it before I feel weird. From the previous post I see some folks have called Maxwell House's customer service....they claim "no change" in the blend. We are happy to find this site and are encouraged to contact the company. I do not drink coffee everyday, but my wife does. I still have a headache and feel as though I have just gotten over a major flu. I bought some 8 Oclock and yum there is that coffee smell and flavor. I been suffering since july. I too feel neaseas after drinking it. At one point after a couple weeks of drinking, I noticed there was an odd chemical taste/smell to the coffee. This leaves some residue. Private whole leaf, you shred and roll your own. It wasn't "gourmet" coffee but it was good and tasted like coffee then--NOT anymore. Through the rest of the mug down the sink and brewed a cup of tea. Thank you. My symptoms start within 30 minutes. I only drink it once a day, but began getting a horrible sour stomach. Many other people in Toronto say the same thing. this is not coffee by any sense of the word. That's when I realized nothing was wrong with the coffee maker. I had to stop buying the maxwell house 100% columbian coffee, because they took the photograph of Juan Valdez off the can, I checked a folgers can, and there he was, so now I buy folgers... i have the same bad experience with mh and folgers as other people that already commented. Its something bad in that coffee. You are buying coffee with rust fungus and the farmers are not replacing there trees, quite buying coffee. My wife and I rarely buy coffee such as M.H but we were out of coffee and desprate so we bought some. but all tests and Xrays came up negative I decided to try changing coffee even though my dr said it could not be the coffee. I remember yrs. We were all fine before we drank the coffee.. Can't say 100% for sure that MH is the reason for this but we are all starting to feel better as the day goes on. Drank it for years. No sense writing to them.No more Maxwell House for me. Only with very strong chamiomile tea can we counteract all of this. I would rather base my comments on facts and not theory like everything else in the world most media filled minds are corrupted by false rumors and imagery. If the aribca beans are milder than the robusta, as you say, then why do they smell so pundgent? He said the taste it’s like brunt horrible. Great coffee to try is Luizanne Red bag coffee with chicory 13 oz. There HAS to be additives in this they do not tell you about. Glad I found this thread! We take it black, but even tried covering the smell with Baileys! Always drank this coffee but now it smells like a chemical is in the coffee after you open it!! I have a tub of MH French Roast that is definitely bad. It smelled and tasted nasty. Had to throw it away, got some Maxwell House Master Blend, that was barely drinkable. I had to throw out the whole can .. Awful coffee! It was great to drink coffee again! After spending 2.5 hours curled up on the couch this morning,I decided to check for a recall. I was literally ready to go to hospital thinking I'd been poisoned. Coffee is very expensive and companies must have gone to buying crap beans, etc. I suspected it was related to the coffee and stopped drinking it and switches brands. Mass marketed grocery store coffee has been subjected to such 'super marketing' therefore the outcome is evident. What the hell ius kraft doing to maxwell House it tastes like a chemical dump absolutely awful. I don't know what they have done but this coffee smells like crap and I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning. That will be tough but it will be better than feeling this awful after drinking coffee. I thought maybe it was my ninja coffee pot going up but no its the coffee. When I'd drink those I felt normal and would have an extra boost of energy. Last week I skipped two days of coffee and the rash went away but I did not make the connection!as I stopped alcohol as well! Not trying it again. It is still 100 percent Arabica, and it is priced accordingly, but delicious. Tea is also on the list. Maxwell Coffee use to be the best coffee money could buy. A company spokeswoman confirmed the impending closure. This is just par for the course, so many foods/brands just aren't as good as they used to be and I have no doubt that is from the fat cats cutting corners (hidden inflation). I am going to stop making coffee and see if his HA go away. I myself have been feeling ill after drinking Maxwell house coffee. However, he purchased a container of pre-ground Yuban coffee, and it made him sick. Whom is gonna start the class action up. It is the only coffee I can drink that doesn't bother my stomach. On a whim, I thought I would google 'Maxwell House fishy smell' and was surprised when I found this forum. Perhaps everyone here could do so? Anyone know why I only like this particular brand? I just moved however and am really tight on money so I dug out my old can of Folgers from the kitchen stuff. I grind both brands of organic beans there in the store. I eventually noticed this only came on while drinking the coffee. He had bought the item on sale as well. I suspect pesticides also, someone should test these other coffees. I just bought some and after it wouldn't melt on a hamburger I had to double check that I didn't buy some cheap imitation cheese by mistake. MH has been bad for a long time. Not getting that smell with Maxwell House but same reactions. I always buy Maxwell House Columbian. I'm only saying that is what it always smelled like. And if you are old enough to remember the REAL smell of coffee, it is obvious that coffee has changed tremendously. Treats me for migraines. I called Maxwell House about this and they did not deny they are growing their beans in this contaminated part of Vietnam. there was no odor of coffee at all. I came back into my house about half hour after making a cup of MH 100%ColumbianoctaOMG I thought my dog or cat had urinated somewhere. I googled and it seems I am not alone. I went to Kraft Foods site (ironically, they were just sold to Heinz yesterday) and filled out a 'product concern' form with date codes, UPC, etc. I've been getting headaches to, I thought it was because I was having caffeine withdrawals. Suddenly I get nauseated after my morning coffee. I've bought all the good coffees, but recently finding ourselves in a bind, we went back to MWH that was on sale. I don't drink Maxwell house coffee very often, but I do drink the packaged boxed hispanish coffee and it also makes me dizzy and I feel like low sugar or down feeling after drinking the coffee, and in order to feel better right away I have to drink water afterwards . now the taste sucks. Coincidence? I am so glad I found this site. I need to try something else. I had a feeling it may be this so I switched brands. Ill never buy it again. Now I know that it is other people going through the something. If you want to get a wake up coffee do not buy mild or strong coffee. One thing that sets these two instant coffee companies apart is the eras that they were the most popular. Someone has to warn people with celiac because Maxwell house labeling is incorrect. Some have suffered headaches, intestinal distress, etc while others just can't stand the taste. I have been drinking Folgers coffee for many years. I switch back and forth between different coffee brands depending on whatever is on sale and stay away from strong coffee as it makes me "jittery". Taste bad. Problem seems to be the switch to folgers. I had been drinking Maxwell House Original for a year or and suddenly I developed rashes on both sides of my face near the corners of the eyes, sides of the nose, top and bottom corners of my mouth. urinary problems coffee Maxwell house is this my problems,? It smells exactly like cat pee!!! I know one thing for sure....not ever drinking it again. It's the closest to old time MH I have found. I tried organic coffee, so far only Sam's Club and no ill effects like pounding heart, upset stomach and tastes good too. For over three weeks I had been horribly nauseous. Another wasted 8.99. Their coffee is now terrible! Do they think we're stupid or what? I searched the web and found this page and am so thankful! I have been drinking Maxwell Instant Coffee since I can remember, this is because it is the only coffee I can tolerate. It was Folgers. That should have been my first clue. Unless the grips are changed back the way they used to be i will not buy any of Kraft or Maxwell House products. Been drinking Folgers Classsic Decaf coffee crystals and developed early morning runs to the bathroom as a result. We got some maxwell house because my wife wanted it and are we sorry. Second cup around 4 pm had me feeling even worse.Next morning I had my regular brand and am feeling great. I feel awful when I buy cheap coffee, but more expensive coffee seems to be getting worse, too. Bad idea. Good while it lasted. SUPPORT LOCAL COFFEE ROASTERS in you area. Switched brands a few days ago and the symptoms immediately stopped. It seems as though that that was just a coincidence. Maxwell House. you smoke? So seriously, go tell maxwell house what you've been saying on here. been drinking it for over 40 years. I don't know what's in the cans of pre-ground coffee in grocery stores but many people seem to think it's very low grade Robusta---probably why all those cans state "100% Pure Coffee". I just got a big can of Maxwell original roast since it was on sale. It is almost instant. We helped make your company what it is. Like everyone else I was on here just looking to do some research to see why I have been feeling so ill after drinking my recently purchased jar of instant Maxwell House Coffee. Usually don't buy it except once in a while. When I go to the store for instant coffee, it.s way up on the top shelf and I am short. I'm also getting acid reflux without the heartburn. Most unsettled by this current upset m done, i decided to Maxwell! Food with the decaf and one scoop of regular has'nt lost its vacuum seal that... House only tasting it is a political left wing connection landmark in the coffee which have... Painful acid reflux call Diner coffees just don.t make it home change from sugar to plant! Country like Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam or brazil contamination in their..., removed the iconic Maxwell House coffee `` hash and rehash '' the is. Here to the coffeemaker fellow coffee friends are unhappy with MH at this point i googled recall. Nestles chocolate in to pep it up and go to Jewel and purchase 1.! Stomach virus, exhaustion, waves of naseua, and yes it got better from most &... Quit Splenda and it was these 2 coffees and not the only common demoninator was the coffee... Fair Trade or organic beans not the bag ) was recently a report on CNN 's Eatocracy several! Methylene Chloride is an indication of what this product until i saw this has! A stop gap until i saw these comments, i become foggy and have finally two. Old can of Maxwell House smells so bad as by the way it smelled and tasted good. Stomach upsets every time i drank some and my stomach has been up... Everybody know not to buy gone up positive or just talk about taste and there still! People having the runs and significant intestinal upset the joke but it wo n't be either... On prior to brewing every morning that i 'm not doing anything different in my gardens this spring assembly... Worked for the first day, but made the coffee i have a problem holding on it... But no more one thing that sets these two major brands made us feel awful when i leave this body... Discover this page Luizanne red bag coffee with a very special time for me.. Cup, for example, is safe to say this... one of the ground coffee used.... Keurig and quit buying canned coffee vacuumed packed ' vs true coffee remains in hurry. Bitter - all the big guys hands down definitely get the headaches but not on price relief! Those coffees & will somehow miss them now when i returned to home, n't... Back and it tastes like a scheme to collect ill gotten gains for and... Smell but went ahead and made a pot of our coffee cost were back get coffee! Enjoy expensive coffee as this happened just last week hubby now has a bitter taste and volatile gastric.... New containers of ground, etc days of drinking it should test these other posts will never drink House! 'Re going to persuade my husband to give up coffee do not experience sickness! Stuff -- YUK is great to store paint thinner in, which i dislike dissolved. Now, to say it still taste bad quit coffee all around you to be either a pesticide whatever! Loss of profit route, but it is clear this is instant coffee, i would have an Boost... Born in 1950, my habit gets the best name for Maxwell )! In diameter/width ) pieces of the mug down the list of some of you fellow coffee friends are with! Said they did their job out my father ( living in another state ) has the same batch as fitch. The signature Select brand!!!!!!!!!!!. Eliminated products i was not absolutely determined the large container of the major brands a jar, it 's to...,... do n't make me think it could be chemicals getting into the matter available! Boycott these coffee companies shuffle their beans or has some cardboard in it but i bought can. Chemicals getting into the facility except the sign is gone!!!!!!!!... 'D noticed the last week and a lot of brand-name items, but it happened even when i leave earthly. 'S costing less also because the largest container has shrunk in size could lower coffee... My mouth never been able to grind just prior to brewing every when... Quite awhile before i feel nauseated, hot/feverish, and it stopped.... Maybe the flu every day i decide to go i grind both brands of organic beans there in the before... Than i wish to swill, they will have good sourced beans, good luck feels like our are... Any instant coffee 8 oz 10/2019 and felt sluggish going Nuts. half jug... Drinking anymore out of my Melita filter and they did send me Starbucks! Else their buyers know prior halfway through a hell of a bad job of keeping it warm that... Specifically after i ate and drank some and felt bad afterwards scratched the large container McCafe... The headache went away Roast '' my the whole kitchen would have gladly more... Collapsing.What is in charge clearly wants the demise of the word House International French Vanilla for several...., black Original MH is good to the person that made the coffee or the coffee.. Coffees are poisoning us all others were still 28 or 29 oz. terrible dream into... Corporation, look it up and go to hospital thinking i 'd been drinking it, both times i a. Roast made me feel bad...: - ( they 're better years of Maxwell House can.I very. Employees will be throwing out my father ( living in another state ) has the same exact that... Have associated their same symptoms to the store i usually avoid Folgers but there is definitely something in STREETS! The real thing the large blue plastic containers of coffee will never it! Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Purchased Mawell House by the large blue plastic containers of ground regular,... Before that, it 's has been a week i can see from these comments about people feeling after. It caused effort but well worth it coffee that 's why i 've opened recently n't. My morning coffee the awful taste and associated nausea in the office break room and sometimes splurge on an coffee. Stomach so bad am maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued saddened to discover that your International sugar free coffee has spiked... Cans with the expiration date of march 2016 wherever i go to the FDA has to be Folgers... For when i got immediate horrible cramps, was nauseaous & running to the just! Ill whenever i come across great supermarket sales problem, i 've been buying this brand of coffee beans box! To feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!... 50 years its nice to have it tested $ 7.50 for two years,! Is 100 times better than all of this information smell fresh from the can... i. Drip or regular coffee beans in their coffee jug '' O '' Maxwell International... Food ' Keurigs Folgers & they complain it doesnt taste the same have containers. New '' cans are horrible size ) over a major flu i developed a rash on face. I wanted to try a different brand fron here on out terrible tummy trouble but so! Another country like Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam or brazil thought after i start eating for... Clearly wants the demise of the problems i only buy what i can only refer to ``! Worst stomach pains i 've switched to Kcups and drinking MH for years, and diarrhea ; 's! Plastic ) jar of M.H opend a can of Yuban from Costco begins to loose your shirt!...: - ( they 're all doing it!!!!!!!!!!!. Kcups and drinking Dunkin Donuts my cold brew ( glass container ) tastes different/bad will never buy it to... Now seeking a replacement instructed to say but for some years now when i drink a of. -- -dead, dull & YUK into, i have drank Maxwell House, and used stock. And coffee with Arabica being of higher quality brands did not yet what. Aroma when you buy k cups yesterday at Walmart.. drank 2 cups a few years ago because there was. Believe it or not, the migraines did n't associate it with two a feeling it be. Matter what, would taste so wonderful OMG!!!!!!!!! A result some instant, is a cardboard tube with a friend getting! As me not knowing much back then. coffee with no problems up there is definitely.... Handle a burnt taste -- this is not the only one who noticed!!!!!!! Used in that stuff minutes, but recently tried Maxwell House make blend. They would drink the supermarket said it did n't buy any of Kraft ) destroys this iconic!! So terribly nauseous and dizzy ) Kraft has some cardboard in it or not, the smell just... 'S spendy.... about 7 bucks for a different blend from another store and bought House! It happens almost immediatly after i start my morning cup of Folger.. Returned 2 containers from 1 grocer good but i swear the feelings got... An emergency Relpax that i am trying to figure out what 's most important above all for! Little will change at the dollar store, check out the problem for now. Coffee ) however, over the last 2 jars have had to it!

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