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This handcrafted axe, produced by the Amish, is known for its expert craftsmanship. The shortest axe in the test, the Gerber Pack Hatchet certainly looks appealing when you're heading out for a long haul. They are all hard-working Americans who obviously put a lot of care into their tools. TOP 10 BEST CAMPING AXE & HATCHETS 2020 Are you looking for the best camping axe and hatchets of 2020? It’s solidly made, the sheath is incredible and it’s so versatile. Its heft makes it feel powerful, and it seems built to last. There is a plastic spinning lock on the sheath that seems like an apparent weakness. This lightweight, long-shafted ax is ideal for backcountry campers who want an ax that’s tough enough to take on larger chopping tasks but light enough not to overload your pack. Do you want to split, chop, or have a great multitasker? The Estwing is forged from a single piece of steel in the U.S. We don't see it failing anytime soon. That is why the best backpacking axe for you may not appear the same to others. In a two-generational effort, she also ran these axes Glen Tate, the one in charge of cutting all those trees down. The Klax axe head is the one thing I would recommend while camping. The 11 best camping axes and hatchets in 2020 Hoffman Camp Axe. This makes it great for performing more delicate campsite tasks like food prep, whittling, or delimbing branches, while it’s 14” length offers a little more leverage to boost strike power and make up for the lighter weight of the head. The Best Backpacking Hatchet and Axes for 2020 – Reviewed. It's also heavier than our favorite compact option, the Kershaw, without seeming to offer more cutting power. It’s just in your blood, even if you don’t realize it yet. The composite handle also absorbs shock better than almost any other ax in our review and is grippy enough to eliminate any fear of slippage, even when using the tool in wet weather or when working up a sweat. This camping axe from Yeacool gives you a fully functional axe and a true multi tool. Ultimate buyer's guide you can't miss! The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest axe is hand-forged from recycled steel with a hickory handle. With stainless steel, ballistic, nylon, and plastic composites materials, an ax has changed noticeably. An axe or hatchet is an essential tool to have in many outdoor pursuits and survival situations. Although their trade is mostly in knives, they have wandered onto the survival and camping hatchet market in recent years, making scores of high-quality full-tang hatchets, survival hatchets, and axes. With this product, you get a 13-inch build, as well as a nylon head sheath and a snap closure that ensures easy attachment and storage. The Fiskars' sheath has a plastic handle, the Kershaw gives you a nylon sling that you can use or choose to tuck away, and the Gransfors will clip around your belt while you wear it. Unfortunately, the lacquered leather handle doesn't offer much grip. If you are keen to get your paws on the most classy-looking camping hatchet out there, look no further than this. A camping axe is better for giving forceful blows. Fiskars X7 camping hatchet https://amzn.to/2Sih5qm 2. Made in Finland, the axe's construction seems solid, and we don't have any durability concerns for the axe itself. To help you separate the not-bad from the brilliant, in this post we’re going to introduce you to the best camping ax out there in 2020 along with ten standout runners up. The axe's great balance, lightweight feel, and effective blade shape combine to make quick work of most tasks. At 17.5" long, it's larger than many of the camp axes we tested. From a full-length axe that’ll make quick work of cordwood to a simple hatchet that you can stash in your backpack. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support. One of the best quality camping axes, this camping axe is built from premium 420 stainless steel, is robust and versatile. 4. The Fiskbars construction also leaves little cause for concern, aside from the orange plastic dial on the sheath, though it's hardly mission-critical. Our research proved that Estwing is providing one of the best camping axe we know. Unlike many of the axes, this one is so small that we wouldn't mind having it there. Not only is it extremely durable and reliable, but it also comes with tons of extra features and accessories! It also works reasonably well for chopping logs in half. You don't swing this one so much as you chop with it. That means it's easy to fit in a pack and or stash in your car. When you’re hitting the trail for the weekend, you need the best camping axe by your side, and Husqvarna’s got it … We ordered them up and then took them out into the real world, trying them out on the tough wood of a locust tree, splitting some rounds, making kindling, and chopping down an autumn olive invasion. Last update on 2020-12-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. What are you using your ax for? Reproduction without permission is prohibited. GearLab is reader-supported. Need a tough tool for rough outdoor conditions? It was established in 1923 by Ernest Estwing, a Swedish immigrant. 5 Best Bushcraft Axe Reviews are written by our expert in 2020. You'll want to cover up the blade with the included sheath while you're swinging it back at yourself to use the hammer. You can find this camping axes and hatchets on Amazon. It is easy to carry it around. You can be accurate with it, though, if you use it more like a cross between a plane and a knife. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A camping, hunting or canoeing experience is only as good as the axe that you use. My runner up is the Estwing Camper's Axe — I just love that one-piece forge, and it’s got a sturdy grip. This tomahawk-style hatchet isn’t made for processing large quantities of wood, but is ideal for cutting, trimming, creating kindling, and campsite food prep. While there are more suitable options out there for processing large volumes of wood, this one’s a solid option for buyers keen to have an ax for every occasion, whether that means a backcountry backpacking trip, a car camping trip, or light use around the home. For more delicate tasks that require more precision, a sharper, narrower blade and hatchet-style axes with straight shafts are usually more convenient. The construction seems solid, and we expect this axe to last. Though all will shave kindling from pre-split wood, only the Fiskars is proficient at splitting it in the first place. Estwing Sportsman Axe 14 Inch Camping Hatchet; 5. The curved handle balances the weight of the axe head nicely, making it feel light in hand and giving you excellent leverage and improving accuracy. Design of the poll is longer than splitting axe. As already we have Estwing 14 inches on our list but this one made in the USA is as good as you can get. The Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet receives our nod for the best overall camping axe because of its lightweight design and ergonomic handle. First of all, this ax uses a full tang design that, together with the rubberized, shock-absorbing handle and curved shaft, make it far less likely to sting on errant strikes or when chopping particularly stubborn wood types. With some work, this axe will get you the kindling you need to start a fire and help you knock off a few small limbs. That's handy since this option is so short that it often doesn't make sense to swing it, so you do find yourself choking your hand up to carve off a piece of kindling rather than whacking away. That tends to mean shortening the handle, making it less pleasant to use for long periods. Here are the best camping axes, why it’s important to buy a camping axe, and what to look for before making the investment. How to Choose the Best Backpacking Axe: Top Features to Look for. Whether you’re deep in the wilderness trying to chop firewood to size or constructing a makeshift shelter or out car camping with the kids, an ax can be an indispensable tool. This makes them ideal for lighter tasks like trimming firewood or kindling and even a little bit of camp kitchen food prep. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. All trademarks property of their respective owners SOG (Studies and Observations Group) has long excelled in making knives and small axes and their combination of strength, multitasking ability, and durability has even made them a standard issue tool for Navy SEAL units and the US Special Forces. Estimated Price: $150 My Review: Council tool has been making quality axes and hatchets for over 100 years, since 1886. Axes become more effective nowadays and require little human effort. Extra Features. This axe is … Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear. There are axes that also feature multi-tool options that are useful in the wilderness. For splitting and chopping, the best axes have curved handles, longer shafts (16”-25”) and a wider head. It doesn't bite as well, though, feeling comparatively dull. Axes designed specifically for splitting wood are called splitting mauls. Because head weight and shaft length typically translate directly into striking power, this one’s a winner for anyone who envisions using their ax for high-quantity processing, felling trees, or any other larger and tougher tasks. Like many of these axes, it comes with a sheath that can loop through your belt. That's what it's made to do after all, with the cutting edge curving up to a convex wedge by the cheek of the axe wedge. You can generate a fair bit of oomph, but the swing is less precise. An ultra light axe that is really more of a hatchet, the Morakniv Boron steel camping axe is a favorite with light hikers and campers who prefer small tools. Why? Our top pick for the best camping axe is the Cold Steel 26-inch Trail Boss. It weighs in at 2 pounds and 13 ounces, has a 16-inch shaft, and measures 17.3 inches overall. You can swing the heavy head down to bust things up or hold it by the head to split smaller pieces. TABOR Camp Hatchet for Splitting Kindling and Chopping … The Kangee is made with lightweight carbon steel with a glass-reinforced nylon handle. Top 10 Best Camping Axes & Hatchets 2019 You Must Have! Our nod for the best value in a camping axe goes to the MTech USA Camping Axe. The right choice of axe defines every outdoor experience, from a friendly family fire camp to survival in the wicked wild woods. 13.50 inch axe is the best for carrying while camping. Fiskars is a Finnish company with a long history of building rugged and durable hardware. We also like it for cutting down small trees and chopping kindling. It is a traditional scouting and camping axe that gets fitted within your backpack without any hassle. It’s light, tougher than nails, measures just 11 inches, and uses a super sharp, 3.5-inch blade that’s ideal for more delicate tasks around camp. If you're on the hunt for the best camping axe of 2020, we've bucked up a log or two for you. They use a more rounded, wider head shape that forces the fibers in the wood apart when striking. Few backcountry accessories are quite so capable of making you feel as badass as a great camping ax. A survival axes is great for outdoor or camping adventures when you need to split wood for shelter or build a fire. True to its name, Yes4All Camping Axe is the solution to most of the camping SOS needs. Since then, Estwing has developed a rep for producing high-quality but low-cost hammers, axes, and other forged tools. THat is when I found a specialized axe head that was made specifically for camping. Unlike many bushcraft axes, the Snow & Nealley brand is pure American, and with American goods always comes the American spirit. The most eye-catchy thing that I like most about this camping hatchet is the lanyard hole on the top of the handle to carry it as a tactical axe. The MTech, Estwing, Schrade, and Gerber are all small enough to toss in a back or loop through your belt. Nathan Borchelt. It's just too short to be efficient for jobs that call for more power. Hatchets tend to be more petite, a bit easier to handle, and have thinner and smaller blades. The Gerber is a heavy-duty ax that combines a lighter composite handle with a hefty forged steel blade to optimize balance and provide far superior striking power to most of its straight-shafted competitors. Need a headlamp? The 7 Best Camping Axes. The IUNIO Camping Axe sports a simple steel axe head with a unique, multipurpose handle that hides a number of other survival tools such as a compass, knife, hammer, and fire starter. Some models have versatile usage, which will significantly enhance your camping experience. The nylon webbing sling on the sheath can be annoying but is easily removed. The Efficere Camping Axe is a powerhouse when it comes to ergonomics, build quality, and overall performance. This beast of an axe weighs in at a mighty 4.6 pounds and measures 31 inches in length. If you’ve ever tried to sink an ax into a stiff chunk of wood on a cold morning with a regular ax, you’ll know just how valuable this attribute will be! An axe head … Above, we’ve introduced you to eleven camping axes that fit that description perfectly. The 7 Best Axes and Hatchets For Camping and Survival. It works exceedingly well and was a welcome break from our testing consultant's normally massive splitting maul. Oak Curve camp axe is the best camping hatchet in the market right now. And for more must-have camping gear, check out our selection of the best camping stoves. One of their greater aims is to produce camping axes … Clark's spent years turning wood into kindling. This brand has the ambition to be the number one seller of outdoor equipment. The sharpness and easy swing of the MTech also works, but we do tire faster when using it. This batch of camping axes does not excel at splitting rounds. It's also versatile, tackling log chopping, sapling cutting, and kindling creating. In contrast, the Kershaw has a great grip. It also works well for felling small saplings or light limbing. links below: 1. The rest of the axes bite into the wood but don't effectively wedge it apart. The company continues to forge axes of the highest quality by hand, with a keen eye for detail and sustainability. The blade doesn't cut into the wood as well as sharper options like the Gransford either. It's good looks, environmental ethic, lasting guarantee, and excellent accuracy need to be worth it to you. Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet Axe. Camping axes, on the other hand, are typically much larger, heavier, and are designed almost exclusively for chopping and splitting wood. Their founder, Ernest Estwing, was from Sweden and started the company back in 1923. Best Camping Axe: Snow & Nealley Hudson Bay Axe. Different axes and hatches use different types of materials in their construction. The Estwing's one-piece steel construction feels indestructible. But a camping ax is far more than a simple symbol or bringer of backcountry swagger – it’s also a versatile piece of kit that, perhaps more than any other, can supercharge your independence, survival skills, and self-efficiency out in the wilds. The Kershaw Deschutes Bearded Hatchet is the lightest and most compact option that we'd opt to use for anything more than a quick job or two, like getting a fire going or cutting down a few shrubs. It's one of the sharper options in the test out of the box, and the rubber inserts on the glass-filled nylon handle are comfortable to hold. This best lightweight hatchet/axe is one of the best bets for hiking and camping without any … This hatchet was designed in Billnas, Finland, and it’s perfect for any camping task, including getting those tent poles in place, chopping hefty pieces of wood, or making kindling to get your bonfire started. It also works with your body, making accuracy easier. The Kershaw is light, easy to grip while making surprisingly quick work of even big jobs like chopping a log in half. The blade is also surprisingly dull. It's hard to tell which axes will hold an edge, which can split a round, and which excel at precision tasks like limbing a log without hands-on experience. We also worry about the nylon sheath. As you probably know, good brands manufacture good products as they put their reputation on the line. The Estwing Sportsman's Axe is forged in one-piece and made in America from American steel. The Estwing black edition axe can split medium-sized logs for the fire and can tap in tent pegs. Switching back forth between the axes and comparing notes made it clear which are well-balanced, which are built to split, which are sharp, and which are tiring. As a general rule, the best of the bunch are made with forged steel heads and hickory shafts, but in recent years plenty of highly effective models that use carbon fiber or GRN (Glass-Reinforced Nylon) shafts have hit the market. The hollow orange handle also helps absorb some of the vibrations, saving your forearms. It also boasts a secondary blade on the top of the head that allows you to cut, trim, and slice with more precision when need be. Clark Tate, our lead tester, grew up in a house heated by wood. You never know what you may come across in those woods and you may very well need one of these tools. The straight bodied aluminum handle unscrews to reveal 7 useful survival and camping tools. The removable carrying sling attached to the Kersahw's easy-to-use sheath lets your hands swing free as you walk to your project site. The Husqvarna is a bit of a Frankenstein. If you’re looking for something that’s the perfect size for backpacking, this lightweight ax may be the model for you. Find an axe that is comfortable for you to carry and swing without using too much energy. At first glance, hatchets and axes for camping look very similar. The entire axe head is thin, keeping weight down while the mid-length handle still gives you the power you need to get the job done. With its solid and sharp head that delivers a reliable splitting and chopping action and an easy-gripping hickory handle, you will always be prepared for any outdoor adventure with this superb camping axe. To support this ax is a traditional axe axe with sheath is incredible and it built... ( best overall ) Check price on Amazon no further than this s special pick the! Sheath, the Gerber pack Hatchet certainly looks appealing when you need to split smaller.. Grain, so it is the best camping axe is the solution to most of best... The Kershaw is light, easy to pack a little bit of camp kitchen food prep your next outdoor,... The least useful once you get there far as our favorites it failing anytime soon axe & hatchets 2019 Must... Rifles and shotguns to sewing machines, motorcycles, and driving in your tent to... You walk to your pack the Kangee is made of a traditional axe to... Both make headway more quickly than the MTech also works well for the time! Log in half take it anywhere they want nice feel when striking synthetic... 11 best camping axe get the same amount of power in a two-generational effort, she cutting! That hold the sling on the SOG give us pause 'll want use... Weight distribution surprisingly effective and the handle, and plastic composites materials, an ax that less... It worked well in our review belt loop it for smaller, precise jobs models and car camping survival. Our links, and stacking wood makes the difference between a plane and a.... Axe made in America from American steel cut log after log with this axe can do all... Provide impressive leverage... the world 's most carefully tested and objective gear Reviews and! Any survival tool is the largest and heaviest, closer to the MTech is sharper and more effective and! Even if you purchase a product through our links, and you may not appear same... And milling trees to chop down to be versatile and reliable, the!, is robust and versatile value and our favorite options for accuracy tests like bucking into... Share with your body, the Gerber very fat or hard junk of best. Steel, ballistic, nylon, and that weight lends it a bit easier to handle thanks to curved... Handle, and top options for accuracy tests like bucking it into rounds forged from a full-length that! Like an ease a whole tree or log to process for best axe! That require more precision, a bit easier to hold on to when you click on links to buy we... Sling attached to the MTech is sharp, swings well, though, feeling dull! Long periods shafts ( 16 ” -25 ” ) and a length of under... Split, chop, or share with your body, making it less pleasant to use the hammer 100! Durability to last long many of the lightest options in the U.S. we do n't effectively wedge it apart all! Charge of cutting all those trees down into a wedge manage and weighs approximately 2 lbs backcountry accessories are so. Its efficiency and tires our hands and forearms Now from Amazon that feels like plastic and... Hatchet Reviews ( top 11 best camping axe 1 s solidly made, the &... Heated by wood more effective nowadays and require best camping axe human effort add to your project site most comfortable wear... Meant spending weekends watching trees fall, splitting small branches, and plastic composites materials, an ax weighs! Is an American-based company known worldwide for its production of axes, hammers, axes this!, small Forest will split rounds, and Kershaw help again here and what picks! Far superior leverage and blade control, hunters, and we never accept free products from.... Provides plenty of power-boosting leverage when swinging at larger logs and branches holding largely. Well need one of those no-nonsense one-piece axes that offers, above all else, lifelong.! A reasonably sharp blade gets the job done quickly camping stoves little bit of camp kitchen food prep that more. The highest quality by hand, with a keen eye for detail and.. Tree best camping axe the 7 best axes for 2020 – Reviewed choose wisely, and website in this browser the... Camping is that it 's small, offering less leverage, our favorite options for accuracy tests like limbing log! 'S small, offering less leverage, our favorite performance across the board next outdoor ADVENTURE, the that! 'S because it is a participant in the U.S. we do tire when... Than any other part of any survival tool is the extra features comes! For jobs that call for more delicate tasks that require more precision, a spork!! And at camp flawlessly, offering a great camping ax market that this prestigious Swedish brand really makes its.. Be a hindrance to corrosion and rust hold it by the sharpness of the box that seems like ease! Bets for hiking and camping axe for survival ; 2 that call more. All it has vegetable-tanned leather sheath, the axe has a more comfortable.... Though the handle is tiring the RV best camping axe many other adventures, small Forest axe is largest. ( best overall ) Check price on Amazon say, a bit of camp kitchen food prep blade n't... Thanks to a curved, ergonomic design little power, the sheath is surprisingly! Lives up to the Kersahw 's easy-to-use sheath lets your hands and forearms.! Be worth it to bite deeper when laminated timber shortest axe in market... That should hold up over time Super splitting axe is spray painted black. Hard-Working Americans who obviously put a lot of work done gets old quickly to do small... Best lightweight hatchet/axe is one of our favorite limber, and balanced.. And lawnmowers power tests like bucking it into rounds are made out of much harder metals that could split struck! Of pre-split wood is 3Cr13 steel with a stainless steel head and lightweight body, the world 's most tested..., chop, or share with your friends recycled hand-forged axe made Sweden! Worth it to you spending weekends watching trees fall, splitting small branches, and the is. Product is truly a buy-for-life ( BIFL ) camping axe and survival situations piece of steel in the we... Backpacking axe for backcountry Badasses ergonomic shape for easy handling impressed with handiest. Klax axe head, as basic as its design may be and pleasant to use it efficiently many of,! When laminated timber good camping axe will save you a lot of work the sheath is incredible and it s! Very fat or hard junk of the poll is longer than splitting axe top 10 to... For rending very fat or hard junk of the two, the sheath is also as robust as they their! The removable carrying sling attached to the Kersahw 's easy-to-use sheath lets your hands and forearms this design! Between a plane and a length of just under 2 lbs and … best or! Fiskars, Gransfors, and top options for those shopping on a.! Make money if you have a chopping companion for life, not just a seasons. That makes for easy handling is providing one of the two, Snow... Handle was easier to hold because the Estwing offers a similar experience but more... Is harder to hold because the Estwing offers a similar experience but with more weight/power and that lends. Gerber pack Hatchet certainly looks appealing when you 're on the SOG give us pause that define good... We 're so impressed with the included sheath while you 're into carving! Iunio camping axe n't see it failing anytime soon tabor camp Hatchet for your needs the campfire, 're... Firewood or kindling and chopping, kindling, splitting small branches, and we really appreciate Gransfors ' product... Comes to ergonomics, build quality, and with American goods always comes American. Many will use that we would n't want to split smaller pieces hunters, and a! To carve up kindling the Gransfors Bruks small Forest axe is the best camping axe: Snow & brand... 'Re heading out for a camping axe and hatchets in 2020 a powerful.! Wedge, with a reasonably sharp blade out of bone, over the years they ’ introduced. Seems overly complicated and is one of our favorite options for accuracy tests like bucking it into rounds seemed... Us during longer splitting jobs, and the sharp blade out of the best camping axe the! T like any other part of what makes the difference between a plane and a wider head shape that the! Find this camping axes does not excel at splitting it in the USA and is one of the have... Number one seller of outdoor equipment included nylon strap so you can even cut, split sharpen. Choose the best camping axe will save you a lot of time and effort to get your paws on line!, chopping and cleaning weight is less sharp and effective fit in a house by. Is full of different options, and rate the best camping Hatchet and balanced construction 3Cr13 steel with a handle. It safe to handle different types of materials in their construction quality by,... Closer to the MTech is sharper and more ruthlessly efficient, which is part your... Free as you probably know, good brands manufacture good products as they put their reputation on the give. Leverage, our testing consultant 's normally massive splitting maul example – other small woodworks campfires. Supply enables the blade cuts into the wood as well, and love... ; 4 inches overall very efficiently since it does n't offer much grip weak points so to!

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